Work with me

Ready to grow your business with less time?

I serve ambitious entrepreneurs by providing premium, customized assistance to help outsource their tasks, so that they can FOCUS, BUILD, and GROW their business and have more time for what matters!

Administrative Services

We tackle your admin to-do list so that you can focus on your business!

Monthly Investment begins at $599.

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Who it’s for:
These services are for the overwhelmed, those whose businesses grew quicker than anticipated, or maybe the creatives who just want to stick to their craft and outsource all the chaos!  

Has the running of your business creeped dangerously close to becoming all consuming?  Let us alleviate your admin burdens to free you for more time for what matters!

What’s included:
Our services can cover a variety of tasks – what are your biggest pain points?  Inbox and calendar management, finances bookkeeping, Client data management, research / data analysis, and proofreading and editing are just a few!

Social Media Management & Content Marketing

You have a great product or service. Now it's time to tell the world about it!


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  • Who it’s for:
    Social media marketing never ends!  The constant planning, creating, scheduling and posting can overwhelm even seasoned entrepreneurs.  Not to mention your email funnels and blog!  And is it all even working?  We research and dig deep into your target audience to discover the BEST path and platform for your online presence.  Then we do the legwork.  Then we evaluate with tangible metrics for insights into engagement rates and conversions.  REPEAT!
  1. What’s Possible in your Custom Plan: 
  2. Social media page and group management
  3. Social Media Audit of all platforms, competitive platforms
  • Targeted hashtag research
  • Planned, created, and scheduled content.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Comprehensive Metrics

Growth Marketing

Now that your to-do list is under control, you're meeting your audience at their favorite hangouts online, it is time to level up and GROW!

Investment begins at $799

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Who it’s for:
The seasoned entrepreneur who’s ready to scale their business, launch that online course or new product, or invest in paid advertising.  It’s also for the business owner who wants to invest in a full market analysis, brand re-evaluation, or is planning a full product marketing campaign!

  • What’s included:
    Research and analysis of your end-user and industry to determine strategic ad spend and placement.
  • Thorough brand, logo, and messaging evaluation.
  • Create ad content, complete with metrics, testing, feedback, and reevaluation.

What's it like to work with me?

1. Let's Talk

Let’s talk or set up a video call to discuss your business!  Your successes, challenges, processes, and dreams for your business are what I want to hear!  I want to truly understand how Focus. Build. Grow. can partner with you to give you more 


2. Formalities & Processes

Let’s confirm service details in a contract and follow up with an invoice.  Next we’ll nail down communication platforms (Slack, Voxer, Zoom & Loom), project management platforms (Trello, Clickup are a few of my faves) and share passwords through a trusted platform such as Dashlane. 

3. Deliverables & Follow-Up

All work will be completed based on agreed upon deadlines with steady communication!  Availability during the week for work-flow details and questions is part of our success story and why people love working with us!  We also believe in deliberate, specific, and formal weekly project management updates!